Personal learning log for BA (Hons) Photography Course

Assignment 2 – Elements of design

Assignment 2 is a photo tour of the Brisbane River banks from Goodwill Bridge along the South Bank across the Kurilpa Bridge and back along George Street to the Old Governors residence.  On this map It starts by the footbridge bottom right circling clockwise crossing the river again by the footbridge top left.

I knew that this route would offer many of the elements of design required for this assignment.  Each image has comments with it to demonstrate the elements of design that are included.  The official version of this assignment has been submitted to my tutor.

At dawn and through the viewfinder the light from the 2 close lamp posts dominated the image contrasting the radio mast central.  However on screen there is a single dominance of the radio mast at the top of strong verticals in contrast to the weaker lamp posts.  The verticals also give a rising view from the darker complexity of curves and diagonals in the shadows of the underpass.

Strong triangular diagonals in the foreground provide a frame for the Triangular shape of the bridge support.  The shape of the foreground steel supports alone can divide the image into over a dozen triangles.

The Pigeon represents a strong single point which although small within the frame stands out because of its contrasting element against the man-made and symbol of strength, the Steel Girder.

Inverted Triangles created by positioning the shot at the bottom corner of this pool in the Japanese Garden.  The far side of the pool and its reflection were included to add strength to the resulting image which frames the reflected pattern of the light through the tree canopy above.

The pattern of these rocks in the bottom of a pool intrigued me and still does.  Small irregular bubbles let us know that the stones are in water but the way the light is reflected differently through the water creates a diagonal change in the colour of the stones and as a result also suggests greater depth of water towards the bottom right.

The scene around the lido creates many distinct shapes that we recognise and the reflection in the water adds symetry.

The roof of this Tibetan Prayer Room creates a strong upright triangle by perspective.  It also creates a strong shadow for the dark carved wood of the supporting beams  to stand out against.

The facade of the Tibetan Prayer room also provides a rhythm of images with the diagonal dtaircase helping to direct the viewer between layers.

The curve of a Ferris wheel supported by strong triangles and diagonals.

The 2 figures at this Hindu Prayer setting create 2 distinct points with an implied line from one to the other.

The multiple points of these Chinese lanterns create triangular shapes.

The QLD Art Gallery and Museum is a mass of Horizontals and verticals and each of the verticals rise from a horizontal at differing depths.  The foreground sign with its arrows is included to emphasis the Horizontals and Verticals.

The multiple horizontal (not perfect) lines of the freeway’s bring height to the top of the image adding depth across the river to highlight the sun reflecting off the navigation marker.

This tour finished at Old Government House where Her Excellency the Governor of Queensland was giving an early morning speech for founders day.  The front of this building is dominated by curved porch and bedroom above supported on classical pillars.


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