Personal learning log for BA (Hons) Photography Course

Part 3 – Colour – Some ramblings from my mind!

As I start the journey onto Part 3 of the AoP Course, Colour, then my mind started to ask some questions which may be a bit philosophical or maybe they just don’t have an answer.  If anybody is following this blog and has any explanation or thoughts please feel free to add them.

We see in colour, our mind records the colour of light reflected from surfaces and we give it a label.  A Red door is a red door! if the light changes through the day our mind still recognises the door as red. (or any other colour we may decide based on its hue.) The decorator, like a painter, may have chosen a bright red and we may see a darker red but it is our reference point.

If someone takes a picture of that same door in B&W we know its red but if someone takes a colour picture and the door does not look like what is in our mind which is correct, the picture or our mind?

Have you tried describing a colour to someone else and them ask them to recreate it – how often will it be a perfect match to what you were describing?

How often when you look at other peoples pictures do you think “The colour of the grass is not right”?

Photography is different to painting in that a photographic image is (generally) expected to capture reality, whereas the painter is creating his interpretation of reality.

Therefore when you see a painting you see the colour as applied by the painter.

When you see a photograph in B&W your mind can apply its own colour range to that without challenge.

When you see a colour photo your mind compares the colour to its own reference system.

Given the near perfection of the camera in capturing a raw image – is that raw image,perfectly exposed at the correct colour temperature, therefore the true representation of the colour of the reflected light from any object on that day at that moment in time???? and is it also true that any changes made to those capture settings or in processing are only done to change the colour according to one persons perception.

I welcome any comments on these ramblings.



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