Personal learning log for BA (Hons) Photography Course

Rhythm & Paterns

Rhythmic repetition within an image has appeal to a viewer, it creates order especially where the subject is unknown or less obvious, it can create a route of passage through an image.

A pattern is static, it fills a space with and appealing view.

The following 4 images show both:

At this Tibetan Prayer House we can see a continual repetition of different elements from top to bottom with each of those elements having rhythm.

In this next image a panel from the wall of the Prayer House is more abstract but the pattern is rhythmic and repetitive throughout the image.

For a totally abstract pattern these pebbles in the bottom of a pool have been cropped to cut out any external reference point. It has become a pattern of shapes.

Patterns occur in nature, i have included this image of the sun shining through the tree canopy simply because it was the pattern of light against dark that attracted me to capture the image.


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