Personal learning log for BA (Hons) Photography Course

All about Ian

I could fill this page with a heap of bull about how I have never looked back since I got my hands on my first Box Brownie at the age of 8 ——————- But I wont.
My life has been very varied and full of experiences:
I spent 22 years in the Military, 18 of those years as a Search and Rescue Winchman Paramedic.
I have worked in Entertainment Security at events such as Glastonbury & Reading festival amongst others for 15 years.
I have also been in Managerial Sales Roles for the last 11 years.

Oh – and I am a Photographer.

I have had an on and off passion with photography for far too many years, that is until 6 years ago when I set up ‘fotologic’, with my wife Julie, as a business to focus on Social and Event Photography.
In March of 2012 I have decided to enroll on a BA (Hons) Photography Course with the OCA.  This site is my personal learning log and you are welcome to follow my journey.
If you want to know a bit more about me and why I have started this journey follow this link to my first blog post.

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